About ME

I am Charlie a 21 year old male student living just outside London, UK. Funnily, i think of myself as a little older than i am, and try where possible to avoid student sterotypes, though i do have my childish moments.

I am studying a course that though based in marketing and the business aspects of the music industry, i hope it will take me into Marketing through consultancy roles and a more sociable way of creating things for people to be proud of. Though i am fairly interested in projects and things that stimulate me, i like to think i can impart that enthusiasm onto other people.

I have an addictive personality and get fully wrapped up in silly little projects and ideas. This blog serves as a way to try and actually get round to finishing some of these projects, whilst also enthusing other people to do the same so I'm not the only one doing these things.

I may post things here from time to time, that are serious too. But for now, let the good times roll.

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Charlie...I think the Alphabet challenge is a phenomenal idea... I want in...and cant wait to see what everyone comes up with...